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Focused on representing the interests of businesspeople, I have considerable knowledge and experience in a wide range of issues affecting today’s Missouri businessperson.  Many (but not all) of these are listed below.  If you have an issue or concern that does not appear to be listed, by all means, contact me and we can discuss it.  If it is a legal issue or area that I’m not familiar with, rest assured I will be the first to tell you and put you in contact with a lawyer that can help.  After all, that is how BUSINESS gets done!

Administrative Agency Representation

When it comes to administrative agencies forget everything you ever learned in public school about being innocent until proven guilty. Administrative agencies' decisions are presumptively correct making them often very hard to overturn.  Because of this, it is important to obtain qualified representation at the outset - not after you've already been issued an unfavorable decision.

Business/Commercial Litigation & Disputes

No one wants to litigate unless they have to.  I get that.  The reality is that costly litigation should always be your last option.  But that doesn't mean that you should wait to retain a litigator.  I pride myself on seeking out amicable solutions to disputes whenever possible.  As the law may surprise you, it is important to understand where you stand legally as soon as possible.  

Business & Corporate Issues
Contract Drafting, Negotiating & Review

I can provide assistance in selecting the most appropriate form (LLC, Corporation, Partnership, etc.) for your particular business as well as drafting any necessary Articles of Incorporation/Organization, Operating/Partnership Agreements as well as ongoing governance obligations. Should you need to buy or sell a business I have experience with drafting and negotiating Stock Purchase Agreements, promissory notes, and other means of securing collateral.  Lastly, I can provide straight forward, easy to understand explanations of Consulting & Independent Contractor Agreements and Real Estate and/or Equipment Leases.


A lawyer friend of mine is fond of telling business owners "you can pay me now or you can pay me a lot more later."  Regrettably, it happens all too often that by saving a few dollars upfront they cost themselves many times as much down the line by not having a lawyer review contracts before they are signed.  Once the agreement is signed an attorney is limited in what he can do to rectify an unworkable situation that could easily have been negotiated away upfront.  Don't just sign on the dotted line - give me a call.

Employment & Labor Law

Having represented companies in discrimination litigation matters, claims of wrongful discharge, and sexual harassment I'm very familiar with most laws - state as well as federal - that can impact a Missouri business.  Additionally, I've drafted numerous Employment Policies & Policy Manuals; Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs); Non-Compete Agreements; and Consulting & Independent Contractor Agreements.

Computer & Technology Issues

Having represented computer consulting firms I've drafted - as well as negotiated - my fair share of computer and technology agreements including End User Licensing Agreements (EULAs); Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs); Statements of Work (SOWs); and Value Added Reseller Agreements (VARs).







Construction & Real Estate Issues

Many of my first cases as a litigator involved commercial and residential construction disputes.  I've handled cases ranging from minor disputes over home repair/remodeling up to large commercial construction projects involving numerous subcontractors. Consequently, I'm very familiar with: Commercial/Residential Sales & Lease Agreements; Construction Performance Disputes; Escrow Agreements & Disputes; and Subcontractor Agreements.

Unemployment Claims, Protests & Appeals

Although many attorneys handle Unemployment Claims and Appeals from time to time, there are only a handful of attorneys in Missouri that regularly do so.  Having participated in over four thousand Appeals Hearings I know what works and what doesn't as well as what is a waste of your time.  I win the vast majority of the hearings that I handle so I can tell fairly quickly if a given case has merit.  Give me a brief description of the facts and I'll gladly tell you free of charge if it warrants pursuing.

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